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Day 1 – Refresh

Good morning people. Hope you had a good weekend.

I was busy being not busy . I don’t even remember what significant stuff I did this weekend but I just seemed to not have enough time. The weekend always comes and goes so fast before it even begins.

Well, as I wrote on Saturday, I ended up not having time to work out. So I didn’t get any exercise in the whole weekend. Deciding on those fixes before hand helped me make better meal choices over the weekend though.

I decided to call this day 1 again because it  is the start of the week, when I am continuing the workout and diet regime I started on Thursday but with a few more changes and strictness.

Already had my workout for today in. I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit of INSANITY . This workout will get you drinking a lot of water, I am past 3 bottles already.

I had whole grain cereal with almond milk for breakfast and a medium tangerine. I have not planned the rest of my meals for the day yet and hope I stick to better choices. I plan to start doing that soonest, because as they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.

The weather in Georgia is the going to be the crappiest it has been in ten years as the forecast say. It is 29 degrees today and we are forecasted to have 9 degrees tomorrow. I had to push myself out of bed this morning to workout because the cold was punitive.

How are you feeling this morning?. Despite the wicked temperatures, allow yourself to have a beautiful day.  Have a blessed week.

Tapping All of My Will Power Resources for the weekend.

Every time in the past when I tried to lose weight, I noticed I usually did well during weekdays and messed it all up on weekends. Part of the reason is because most times, I always allowed my weekends to be cheat days and would never recover from that, or me just plainly thinking, ‘oh well, I will exercise away the lbs gained over the weekend’ and that just never happened either.

I just started out on this one I know the sure-fire way to mess it all up would be to use one of the approaches of the past, because I am facing it, if it did work then I wouldn’t still be here trying to lose right?

So going to bed last night I have dreaded waking up today because I fear messing it all. Already, weekends are the times when I catch up on my sleep. So it is 9 am now and I have not exercised yet but I hope to before stepping out. I haven’t drank any water yet and weekends are usually my days of low water intake. I will be watching that closely.

My main focus though today would be portion control because that has always been my biggest failure over the weekend. For whatever reason, a part of me thinks that I can eat as much as I want because after all, I am going to burn it all away. Not true. So I will be paying close attention to that.

Also, my sweet tooth seem to be on the loose on weekends when I crave all the wrong things from ice cream, to cakes, to chocolate. My approach today, stay away from any place or any thing that tempts me towards that.

Another is over snacking. I snack a lot on weekends, so solution to that is ‘stick to your main meals of the day Victoire’. These are the small fixes I hope help me along the way today. I need all of my will power to work in my favor this weekend.

I don’t want to go around being afraid of a slip up either because it is only going to make this journey difficult and make me paranoid, which I do not want. Keeping my little fixes in mind, I hope they get me by through this weekend.

How are you feeling today?…Have a blessed and marvelous weekend ahead.