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Day 2 & 3

Good morning WordPress Family.

Hope you are starting the mid-week OK. I am glad it is Wednesday and I can see Saturday already from the corner of my eye, can hardly wait. The weather in Atlanta yesterday was 6 degrees. It was brutal and I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Today is going to be much better but I can’t wait to meet 65 degrees on Saturday.

Anyways, despite all that cold yesterday, I got the courage to get out of bed and did my ISANITY video workout. It wasn’t as unbearable like when I just started but I couldn’t stop thinking if I would make it the next day, to the next day and so on.

I had to pause and tell myself to stop over thinking it “Victoire, it is one day and one video at a time remember?”  Then I pushed myself to finish. I ended the day too  proud of myself because I was very conscious of what went in my mouth and I tried not to think about food too much. So my meal plan looked this

Breakfast: Fage Greek yogurt with soy protein

Lunch: Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken wrap with no dressing (I know, I shocked myself too when I didn’t use dressing and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just as great)

Snacks: 1 medium banana, 1 cup low sodium/organic popcorn

Dinner: Falafel with spicy humus and salad, and a glass of wine.

I drank two cups of green tea too. One in the morning and one in the evening. I must have drunk 10+ cups of water.

I went to bed looking forward to today.

Woke up this morning with that same enthusiasm and did my workout. It was a different video today, short but hectic and I made it.I can already feel the effect of the Insanity workout. My  core feels firm already and though it is such a tiny detail, it gives me hope and motivation to continue.

I drank a lot of water so far and a blue berry smoothie with a cup of green tea. I don’t know yet what my meal plans are for the day but I pray to stay as disciplined as yesterday. Starting tonight though, I will start planning my meals in advance to avoid making bad meal choices because I am way to hungry to cook at the moment.

Well, I know almost all the country is experiencing this crazy weather and it may be severe in your area than mine, but please stay safe and warm. Are you on a weight loss journey too? How is it going?

Would also love to know how you are feeling today.






Day 1 – Refresh

Good morning people. Hope you had a good weekend.

I was busy being not busy . I don’t even remember what significant stuff I did this weekend but I just seemed to not have enough time. The weekend always comes and goes so fast before it even begins.

Well, as I wrote on Saturday, I ended up not having time to work out. So I didn’t get any exercise in the whole weekend. Deciding on those fixes before hand helped me make better meal choices over the weekend though.

I decided to call this day 1 again because it  is the start of the week, when I am continuing the workout and diet regime I started on Thursday but with a few more changes and strictness.

Already had my workout for today in. I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit of INSANITY . This workout will get you drinking a lot of water, I am past 3 bottles already.

I had whole grain cereal with almond milk for breakfast and a medium tangerine. I have not planned the rest of my meals for the day yet and hope I stick to better choices. I plan to start doing that soonest, because as they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.

The weather in Georgia is the going to be the crappiest it has been in ten years as the forecast say. It is 29 degrees today and we are forecasted to have 9 degrees tomorrow. I had to push myself out of bed this morning to workout because the cold was punitive.

How are you feeling this morning?. Despite the wicked temperatures, allow yourself to have a beautiful day.  Have a blessed week.