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Of These I Dream Of You…


I know every line on your face; the permanent wrinkles on your forehead stressed from past unrequited love, the dent in your cheeks when you are amused and the crease in your chin when you laugh too hard. I like that these lines are my secret window into your soul; revealing your angst when you’re trying to be calm, unveiling your passion when you’re trying to be brave and showing your tenderness when you’re trying to be tough. I know all the lines in your face because I have dreamt it up more times than I can remember. It’s not only the face, it’s your being and the experiences that sum-up the man you are. Of these I dream of you.

That our meeting would be an epic comedic scene that even Jim Carrey couldn’t conceptualize if he tried to. And whether it’s in public or private, you would have eyes for no one else but me because in that moment, you’d be too entranced by my aura and vying for my attention desperately. Some wooing dates later and we would be an official pair, caught up in our own love story – an extraordinary love affair.

I dream of every moment spent with you being an adventure; that even though we are celibate, we’re comfortable exploring the subject. How you make me feel like the only girl in the world with your piercing glare and how even in the silence, you are one with my soul.

I have dreamed of the fights too and boy do they terrify me. That I would loose the one best thing that has happened to me in a while because of a loud mouth that must always blab everything that comes to it. How the need to assert my independence makes you proud yet frustrated. That all these years later, I never learned how not to pick my nose and how you hate that I am really not as confident as I’d like people to think.

I would dream of you choosing us over and over again when we seem to be at the end of our road. How you’d embrace my family and make it yours, and how you’d be the friend that my friends don’t talk to often but when they do, you had never left. That every tear shed braises your heart to reaffirm to you why you’d try hard to never see them again.

And I dream that home would be anyplace we are together, that you’d cherish my random dancing spurts and tolerate my temporary insanities. That when my weight retreats me into a cocoon, you’d know just how to bring me out. And I’d love how despite these, you’d love me aggressively. I dream that you’d come to appreciate my over vivid imaginations sometimes, because as you can already tell, I live in my head a lot. These are the things I dream of you.


O chocolate, My chocolate

Ever so luscious, ever so delish

Molded in all shapes and sizes

Deliverable in wide varieties.

The thought of you illuminates my face

The sight of you renders me a child again

A child in a candy store, my very own heaven.

Though pretty standard in black and white

The darker you, is the desire of all

Indulged hot or cold, whenever and wherever.

I thought sharing the same complexion,

You would be kinder and nicer to me

Instead, you pander me for few minutes, however short

But live long enough to tell tales on my contours

Either way, I love you, because yours is an impartial love.

Always the closest confidant in dark times

Consistently available to comfort and console

During separate scenarios of heartache.

Those times, you were more ornate

Swirls of rich caramel and exotic pecan formed into ice cream

Ahhh… those nights, I assailed you

Coddling without your consent, without mercy

Yet, you never wavered, never left

Evermore present to please and heal

In only the way you can.

O chocolate, My chocolate

Ever decadent, delicate, sweet and savory

My mouth waters at the thought of you

Even as I just devoured you

I crave you still

O chocolate, My chocolate

You shall be the death of me.