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Faith vs Ideologies

Come Sunday, we would be celebrating Christ’s resurrection and with that, mark the close of Lenten season. I must admit that I didn’t quite abide by all the rules of Lent per my catholic doctrine which was unintentional. During this whole period, one question has repeatedly popped up in my mind. How do I marry my Christian faith with my personal ideologies?

I guess some people would be justified to raise an eyebrow in wonderment since our ideologies are often times formed by our foundation in Christianity, which is perfectly understandable. And others might probably not understand why a parallel would exist in the first place between faith and personal ideologies because it would seem that faith gives rise to personal ideologies and they are not mutually exclusive. But I beg to differ.

I grew up in a very religious home; went to morning mass with my mom every morning, diligently observed all holy obligations, took part in church activities when I wasn’t in school and was very convinced I had the calling to be a nun ( topic for another day). At first, these were things I did because my mom introduced us to them and per my culture, you do as you are told. As I got older, I understood why I did them and actually enjoyed being part of it.

As a grown woman with some life experiences in her years, the many different realities I have lived through both personal and otherwise have shaped some of my personal ideologies and brought me to many questions, debates and concerns that sometimes do not match what my faith dictates I practice. For example, I have only become comfortable calling myself a Feminist recently because of how sensitive that label can get sometimes. It is not the issue of being a feminist that conflicts with my faith but the things I belief in espoused by that label. Like how I am completely for the woman having control over her OWN body and for no one to dictate to her what she can or cannot do to it. And how one of the things that she could do to it is frowned upon by my faith.Or how people who share my faith use it to hurt others in the guise of following what the good book says.

My mom would be the first to tell you I ask too many questions and the habit seem to only get worse as I age. I have become too critical of everything that I question even the things that seem obvious. And have you noticed that the more questions you ask, the less answers you find? (At least for me). That’s why I have been pondering how I can reconcile the two together. My faith reflects my ideologies but my ideologies do not always reflect my faith and there in lies the problem. I am a believer and I recognize that Christ paid all the debt for my sake. I also realize that He gave me the mental capacity to question the things that I don’t understand, to seek a answers to the things that puzzle me and above all, look to a higher power for calmness within me. I just can’t seem to find the answer to this particular question which has left me befuddled.

Does anyone else find themselves in this predicament or is it just me? If so, please share, It would be good to know that there are practicing Christians who hold values outside of the norm and hear how they deal with them. As always, thank you for stopping by, I very much appreciate it. Say, how are you feeling today?

What Is The Theme Of Your Life?

For the first time in two months I was ten minutes early for mass yesterday and it felt good. I like to have those few minutes because that’s my time to talk to God before mass begins. I found myself praying for the priest during my short prayer before mass; praying that God will inspire him and give him the right message for his flock. I don’t remember the last time I prayed for the priest to be inspired but God must have heard me because the message was beautiful and touching.

I always love it when father Gabriel preaches,so when I heard the announcer say he was the preacher for yesterday’s mass, I knew I was in for a treat.

Fr Gabriel began his homily by reminiscing about the past four Sundays since the start of Lent; the first Sunday, we submitted ourselves to God. The second, we committed a particular area of our lives to God that needed change. The third Sunday, we acknowledged the purpose of Christ death.The fourth Sunday, we decided to love like Christ regardless of our circumstances and yesterday,we decided to let go and let God.

When we get to the point were we feel we have done our very best, we are out of options and there’s no where else to turn, then it is time to let go and let God. And when we do, we should do so trusting him with everything we have got, believing that he will continue where we left off, pick up where we ended and make everything beautiful in his time.

He ended the homily by telling us about an assignment they were given during their last months in the seminary. They had been asked to think and decide what their life’s theme was going to be in five words or less. It had to be something they would easily remember, a theme they could always draw from if they didn’t have the bible to preach from, a theme they could always use to inspire people if they didn’t go to church.

Fr Gabe chose God’s gift from his name John. He reminded us that we were all special and were all gifts to our family, friends, community and world. He reminded us to live our lives in ways that would bless others and indeed be a gift to them and challenged us to decide for ourselves what the theme of our lives will be. A theme that would keep us grounded every time we vocalized it, a theme that would inspire us, a theme that would guide our lives if we never went to church anymore.

I haven’t stopped thinking about it and I still haven’t decided what the theme of the rest of my life would be. I have had a few ideas; victory and victorious, be the light for others, let my light shine, share the love of Christ. I have not been able to settle on any yet. Who knew something so easy could yet be so difficult. Whatever I decide as my theme, I would want for it to shape my life in a positive way and that of those around me.

So, if you were challenged to come up with a theme that will guide you for the rest of your days on earth what will it be? I was so inspired by Fr Gabriel’ message and figured this would be good food for thought for everyone. The theme has to be five words or less, one word is best because you can easily remember it. And when you so come up with one, let it be your mantra, let it impact your life and that of those around you.

Have a blessed week ahead y’all as you ponder on this question; what is the theme of your life?