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When Life Doesn’t Throw You Lemons

Here I am making a yet another comeback after months of being away. This was totally unplanned and unprecedented. I missed the WordPress world, reading other powerful articles and I missed writing. It has been a few rough months, I tried to pick myself up and write but even inspiration eluded me.

I had an outlook of how I wanted to spend my summer. I had planned to read ten books; broadening my genres further, volunteer more, learn Spanish, write an article every week for my blog since I was out of school the summer and get to know other blogs and bloggers. Alas, my outlook didn’t materialize and my reality was a lot grim.

There is the saying that “when life throws you lemons, you make lemonades”. I happen to love lemonade and so I will squeeze the juice out of those lemons to have as much lemonade as I possible could but what do you do when life throws you rotten lemons? I have always understood that expression to mean that when things don’t quite pan out, make do with the situation.

It has been a rough few weeks which I totally didn’t anticipate. The company I worked for wasn’t doing so well, so a lot hours had to be cut. The moment I got in on that information, I started looking for a supplemental/replacement job. I should have started sooner because my hours kept reducing to almost nothing and I couldn’t seem to find another one quick enough.

My friend dubbed me the “the interview pro”, that’s because at some point, I was going for at least one interview every week. Things became extremely hard, my bills kept piling up yet I wasn’t seeing a way out. Thankfully my lease was ending in May or I would have been thrown out, I had to make the hard decision to downsize from my one bedroom apartment to getting roommates.

By June, my car was almost repossessed until a family friend step in and took care of the car note for me.My last month living alone was almost a nightmare; a lot of my bills were past due which meant I had no water, no electricity,  no heat, no gas, no internet. As if that wasn’t enough, things seemed to only worsen with my boyfriend  and my family drama was unending.I was living a nightmarish dream which wouldn’t stop.

I am one of the most optimistic people I know; friends and coworkers would say I am that person who laughs even when nothing is funny or even when there is nothing to laugh about. In any difficult situation, I always find that I am the voice of hope, encouraging people, motivating them and assuring them that it will all be ok. But when it was time to be optimistic and stay positive for me, I checked out.

I have never been so scared in my life. I agree that there are people facing even tougher situations than I did but the truth of the matter is, our realities are different. My reality maybe a walk in the park for them whilst theirs might be a trip to hell for me. Oh the things we take for granted. Who knew not having gas to make a decent meal, or just hot water to shower or money for gas to get to an interview could be so threatening.

If that was God’s test for me, I think I might have failed woefully. I have been through a tougher situation than this but I think anytime your livelihood is threatened, you panic and that is exactly what I did. It was difficult to stay optimistic when all those interviews weren’t translating to offers, it was hard to stay positive when I wasn’t sure how I will make the rent and other bills and definitely hard to laugh when you are showering in -2 degree water in a 30 degree weather.

I should have known, as they say, hindsight is always 20/20. My God had me the whole time. I didn’t get to pay those bills. In fact, they are still piling up but the most important things that I couldn’t do without like a roof over my head or my car to take me on all those interviews were taken care of. He put people in my life who helped me just in the nick of time. They helped me out of the abundance of their hearts but I also know without a doubt that God put it in their hearts to come through for me when they did. I am so thankful to them and forever grateful to the God I serve.

I didn’t get the job I wanted but I got two part time jobs that are paying my rent and car note so far. Still looking to find something better so I can start paying off my debts (the past due bills). I thank God for the wisdom He gave me to downsize, I would have still been in the same hell-hole.

Things are beginning to look up, I am getting back to that bubbly girl that I know. Things might not get back on track fully as I want them to but I hope I don’t loose myself anymore in the chaos. I missed me too. I missed the girl who bursts into spontaneous laughter at silly thoughts, who makes light of every situation, who sometimes cries and laughs at the same time. I got too overwhelmed with my issues that I slowly started leaving a sour taste with some people. I missed the motivator in me, the encourager, the supportive one.

As they saying goes better late than never; we just started July and I have decided to catch up with those goals and do as much as I can before the summer is over. This has strengthened me for any future trials which I do not hope for, shown me my true friends, taught me to be more appreciative, to never loose myself amidst the chaos and most importantly, God always has my back. He is always working intricately behind the scenes making sure I don’t drown and even if it got to that, He would rescue me. This I know for sure.

Happy July Fourth Y’all.

loosing weight when broke

Ever tried loosing weight? Well, I need not tell you how exasperating it is to have to battle with your mind everyday and time. What to eat and what not eat and the unending conversations with yourself about why you need to work out and convincing yourself to workout.

Every day there are countless articles on the web on how to lose weight: Eat This, Not That!, Do This, Not That!, Drink This, Not That!. On Yahoo alone, there are at least two articles on how to lose weight on a daily basis and they are so lucky to have found a devout reader in me. I am constantly clicking away on any article that has the words “weight” and “loss” in the same sentence as heading.

Of all the articles on weight loss I have read, I don’t remember reading any that was particularly suited to someone who wanted to lose weight on a low-budget, or someone who wanted to lose weight but was plain broke.

You see, I was certain this time this year I would have been at least 30 pounds down (I tend to have an overinflated sense of my self motivation sometimes, I know, it’s pathetic), and for a reason. With the many articles I have read and keep reading on loosing weight,I believed I knew all that there was/is to it until my bank account told me “slow down lady before you go homeless”.

When I decided in January I was going to lose weight, I was living at the time with family. So the beginning was easy. I could buy the things that I had read aided in weight loss and “eat right”. It was easy and true to some of those articles it worked. By Mid-February, I had lost 10 pounds. Stepping on the scale and looking down to see that I was 10 pounds lighter was very exhilarating.

Between February and April, I managed to lose another 10. What? I had lost 20 pounds? Impossible! Me of all people, had somehow managed to shed 20 pounds of the mass I was hurling around. Excited is an understatement to how I felt that I did that. I was happy but mostly proud of myself. I rewarded my hard work with a beautiful dress and decided I would use that as my new motivation. What I did not know was that my plans of moving and having my own place would throw a wrench in my weight-loss journey.

In May, I did what I thought was the adult thing to do, have my own place and move from my family. It is very fulfilling to have a place called my own. Living with family was great and I still sleep over there every so often, but there is a certain level of liberty that comes with having a place that is “all your own”.(sure you catch my drift, first time apartment owner).

Anyways, I had no idea about what the effects of me having my place would have on my weight-loss goal. I was completely oblivious to the bills I would have to shoulder at my new place. I am barely ever done paying one month’s bill before the next month’s starts accumulating. I find that I am constantly playing catch-up with my bills and so hardly have any money left over.

The little money I end up having over, wrestles between gas, saving for emergencies and food.And that is how I found out the hard way that, eating ‘green” is expensive and healthy isn’t cheap. I go grocery shopping and stay there for hours not because I don’t know what I want, but because I am trying to reconcile the ongoing war in me about what to buy; scouting for what is cheap yet healthy.

Let just say, my weight-loss journey has suffered some setbacks since I moved into my new place. Now if I had read any articles on how to lose weight on a broke/limited budget, I am sure I would have been down the 30 pounds I had hoped, because I would have known what to buy on my budget that would still allow me lose weight.

I am nanny, and while I am “well” paid (a little over minimum wage), I still find it hard to keep up. A few weeks ago, I had to give up buying “healthy” altogether because my wallet couldn’t handle it. I would love to keep loosing weight and buying whatever it is that will get me there, but more than anything I want to keep that roof over my head with all that I consider a necessity under it like electricity and gas and so on.

So while I find other avenues that my budget can handle to keep loosing, I will stay conscious about what I put in my mouth and working out ( both my school and work schedule make it so hard sometimes to get it in).

Do you have any suggestions for me? I would appreciate any tip from you all, anyone loosing on a tight budget. Meanwhile, hope your today is better than yesterday . Do share. How are you feeling today?