A nanny by day and student by night but also an aspiring writer.I am still trying to figure out my writing style and voice, so I have  a lot of half finished manuscript every where. I am a story box waiting to be explored because i barely finish penning one and i get a new idea, and jump right on it. The many “donts” of writing bog me down sometimes too and slow down my writing pace.

I love reading, writing, watching movies, traveling, meeting new people and the going for walks in the park.I love God passionately and i am very thankful for my family and friends. Currently, I am working on finishing my first book and getting it ready for publishing this December.I mostly write fiction but have dabbled in non-fiction as well.

My blog is about a bit of everything because as my blog name suggests, my writing will be based mostly on how i feel that day and what i want to talk about. I don’t want to limit myself because i am a very opinionated person and tend to have quite a bit of ideas pop in my head which i would love sharing.

The majority of my life so far was shaped by my African origin, Cameroon to be precise and I have picked up on some of the American culture and mannerism. So you might find my writing to sometimes be centered around my African origin or my ingrained American culture, it depends on what i am trying to say but I think both can be enjoyed by whoever as long as you are open minded.

I hope to bring to people an idea of what my home country is and for those reading out of the shores of America, my version of this beautiful land.I hope to have a page dedicated to one of my writing Series which i plan to update every Friday. I hope to use this blog not just as platform for venting or writing just for the sake of it, but i hope to inspire people through it, touch people’s lives and make their days after reading.

I am not very good at updating weekly but I shall try to put up at least one post a week. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed reading.

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