The “Come-Back”


You haven’t seen your high school class mates in 10 years, then suddenly you get the chance to meet them again and the thought of the reunion sets your anxiety wheels spinning. You start pondering things like  ‘Will they like me like?’,  ‘ Will they welcome me in the fold?’ ‘What if I don’t fit in’ or worse ‘What if they don’t like what I have to say”. Very soon, your own thoughts become overwhelming that you decide against attending. By so doing, you’ve judged your class mates in the same harsh way you feared you’d be judged and withdrew their BOD card.

That has been me in the last few weeks. I have missed writing so much which is the one thing that gives me —well, confidence. But even more than missing writing, I have dreaded the “come-back”. Scared that the few people who used to read no longer care. That my blog has been forgotten. Scared of starting over. I realized I  was being overtly critical and just needed to take the leap to jump back out there. After all, I do have a lot to say. In the few months since I stopped writing, so much has happened that even if no one read, it would serve as much needed therapy for me.

2017 was an ok year, not my best but not bad by any standards. I finally graduated (Yay)  and got a job 4 months later, although not quite in my field. Then my pregnant sister who was having a difficult pregnancy visited almost immediately after I started work, that was fun. Literally. Then came 2018. Work has been good, got in 2 accidents within 2 weeks and I’m moving apartments in a few days to finally be on my own again. (Whoop whoop).

Yeah, A. LOT. HAS. HAPPENED. I am hoping to finally settle in, in my own life ( if you can belief that. Ha!) and hopefully get my grove back. (haha Stella)

I look forward to getting back to my blog and I am excited to share these stories. I want to say thank you first to all those who follow this blog, I have never taken you for granted and I marvel that you actually want to read what I have to say. Thank you for coming back and I cannot wait to get to back in the flow. Say, how are you feeling today? 🙂

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