O chocolate, My chocolate

Ever so luscious, ever so delish

Molded in all shapes and sizes

Deliverable in wide varieties.

The thought of you illuminates my face

The sight of you renders me a child again

A child in a candy store, my very own heaven.

Though pretty standard in black and white

The darker you, is the desire of all

Indulged hot or cold, whenever and wherever.

I thought sharing the same complexion,

You would be kinder and nicer to me

Instead, you pander me for few minutes, however short

But live long enough to tell tales on my contours

Either way, I love you, because yours is an impartial love.

Always the closest confidant in dark times

Consistently available to comfort and console

During separate scenarios of heartache.

Those times, you were more ornate

Swirls of rich caramel and exotic pecan formed into ice cream

Ahhh… those nights, I assailed you

Coddling without your consent, without mercy

Yet, you never wavered, never left

Evermore present to please and heal

In only the way you can.

O chocolate, My chocolate

Ever decadent, delicate, sweet and savory

My mouth waters at the thought of you

Even as I just devoured you

I crave you still

O chocolate, My chocolate

You shall be the death of me.

5 thoughts on “Poetry????????

  1. victoirepatience Post author

    hi deb….how are you?…tried going to your blog by clicking on your name link but it took me to another page. wanted to know if you know that or what i might be doing wrong…thanks

  2. deborahcrocker

    I love this! It made me want to laugh out loud! Hope you didn’t get drunk on chocolate though. I will have to send you some of my “tidbits” on eating chocolate.
    I wrote a book , but the editor left out the chocolate tidbits. She said I am not to teach others how to eat what they shouldn’t have. Ha ha !
    But isn’t that what made us want it even more , the forbidden fruit ?

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      Awww…thank you so much deb for those kind words..you have made my night..this is my first forray into poetry and I was a bit skeptical about publishing this but I am glad on the positive outcome..thank you again as always …I am a chocolate “addict”..so I could definitely use your “tidbits” please..congrats on your book..what is the title and how can I get it…I just might because I recently got back into my reading habit and I just finished one last week and I am looking for something new..would change we check it especially if it’s going to be beneficial…..I know…we definitely need to be taught how to eat that which we shouldn’t have…I know I do…ha ha..thank you again.

      1. deborahcrocker

        The book is not published yet. So you agree with me, good. I knew I wasn’t wrong. A person w/o a eating disorder just doesn’t understand. Ha ha !

        I may want to repost your poetry in my blog. May I ? I love it!

        Tidbits about chocolate:

        Chocolate kisses have 22 calories (a lot of pleasure for 23 calories)and help a sore throat as they melt slowly.Freeze them so that last longer.
        2 Buy m&ms in individual serving pkgs. Divide the pkgs into thirds. Eat only that third, but hold each m&m one at a time in your mouth until it melts.
        3. I like Little Debbie nutty bars. Since I can have half and there is two bars in each pkg. I only eat one of the bars and put the other one away for another day. For the bar I do eat, I separate the layers of the bar and eat them one at a time .

        I have this eating chocolate down to a science. Ha ha! But since I can have half serving on my food plan I am satisfied and don’t blow my diet! Yea !

      2. victoirepatience Post author

        Yeah. ..those are nice tips..will try it bc I am always chewing on my m&ms and I never thought I could separate that little Debbie into layers..makes a lot of sense…thank you. .I will try and goodluck with the book…let me know when it’s finally out…and yes ..you can publish/share tge poem on your blog…I am honored…thank you

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