Who needs a man? Definitely not me.

“I want a man who will make me laugh”. ” I like a guy who is funny”. ” he should have a good sense of humor”.

That is the first thing I always hear girls/women say every time they are asked, “what are you looking for in a man?” and it always leaves me shocked somewhat. And every time I hear that, I always answer/ say to myself, “naa, I don’t need a man to make me laugh,I am funny all by myself”. I have said that to myself so much that it is almost like a reflex action, as soon I hear that question, my answer is always right on cue.

Surprised?. You shouldn’t be because I am not just funny, I am hilarious.(don’t misinterpret this as pride). I remember the last job I worked at, the one time I walked in there moody, every one was asking me if I was alright and I was wondering why. So I asked one of my inquirers and she said, they had never seen me frown or sad, I was always happy and jovial and so they were genuinely concerned.

Recently, I missed class three times in a row for a course I was taking over the summer and when my classmates checked on me, the first thing they said was class wasn’t the same without me. They missed my jokes and laughter and one of them said, he liked how I always laughed even when something wasn’t not funny.

Enough praises already but you get the idea.(My aunt says one of the things she admires in me is how I don’t wait for anyone to praise me, I go right ahead and pat myself on the back when I accomplish something, who does that? Topic for another day) I don’t exactly think myself funny enough to humor others but somehow, people think I am funny.

I am that person who always and as cliché as it sounds, looks for the silver lining in everything. Sometimes I feel like someone should have a hidden camera in my car because that is where I have the most fun. I am a bit of a talkative and tend to have the urge to comment on everything I see, plus I am easily amused and I laugh a lot.

I am sure we can all agree that you come across the funniest things, thoughts and people while behind the wheel. Now where I may be different from you is , I vocalize those thoughts; somehow it always comes out funnier than I saw it or thought it and I find myself laughing hysterically for minutes on end. I am sure some drivers who have met with me at a red light have probably thought to themselves “who let this nut job on the road?”

I have been stressed up sometimes about situations and like every Christian, I went down on my knees to talk to God about it, sometimes wailing seriously, only to find myself laughing to the point of tears at the whole situation minutes later. I am the girl who laughs when someone else is laughing just because they are laughing. I am the girl who would think about a past event and laugh myself to the floor, I am sometimes the only girl laughing in the movie theater at a scene that every one thought was unfunny and I am usually the first one to laugh and the last one to stop laughing in a circle.

I laugh at myself, my stupidity, my mistakes, my flaws, my shortcomings. I laugh at people who take themselves too seriously when they shouldn’t, I laugh for people who are too beaten or have too much egos to laugh at themselves, I laugh at the little things, I laugh at the big things, I laugh even when I have no reason to laugh at all. Laughter like crying is very therapeutic. Where crying lightens the burden, laughter takes it away, though only for a brief moment.(Research is still pending)

I guess I inherited this somewhat free spirit from my mother ( this lady deserves a post or two all by herself) because she is the only one whom I know that doesn’t take things too seriously. It doesn’t mean I am masking anything or hiding behind laughter to avoid the things that I must do, It simply means that I have control over them. They are things/issues after all and I am the human. I just choose to laugh at them first before I deal with them and sometimes after too.

What am I saying? Kudos to all those who need people to make them laugh especially men. Me, I have so much more I expect from “my” man than his sense of humor, like how about his relationship with Christ?, does he share my core values towards family and how is his temperament? (yep, I need to know that because yours truly has the tendency to go crazy sometimes. Shocker.)

I have all these and more to worry about than his sense of humor, and if he has one, then it is a bonus for us. (laughing now at the picture of me and “my husband” always laughing at God knows what). If he doesn’t, oh well, he need not bother because I am funny for both of us.

So there, I don’t need a man to make me laugh because I am funny all by myself. What about you? Do you need a partner who makes you laugh or how do you approach life? Do you think life is a joke that like me, you are constantly laughing at? I would love to read your take. Meanwhile, Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Don’t forget to share, how are you feeling today?.


3 thoughts on “Who needs a man? Definitely not me.

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      awwww…thank you so much Deb, i appreciate you stopping by. It has been a crazy week, i haven’t been able to post any article this week because i had so much school work to catch up on but will try to get it in this weekend.thanks for checking on me. hope you have been alright yourself


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