loosing weight when broke

Ever tried loosing weight? Well, I need not tell you how exasperating it is to have to battle with your mind everyday and time. What to eat and what not eat and the unending conversations with yourself about why you need to work out and convincing yourself to workout.

Every day there are countless articles on the web on how to lose weight: Eat This, Not That!, Do This, Not That!, Drink This, Not That!. On Yahoo alone, there are at least two articles on how to lose weight on a daily basis and they are so lucky to have found a devout reader in me. I am constantly clicking away on any article that has the words “weight” and “loss” in the same sentence as heading.

Of all the articles on weight loss I have read, I don’t remember reading any that was particularly suited to someone who wanted to lose weight on a low-budget, or someone who wanted to lose weight but was plain broke.

You see, I was certain this time this year I would have been at least 30 pounds down (I tend to have an overinflated sense of my self motivation sometimes, I know, it’s pathetic), and for a reason. With the many articles I have read and keep reading on loosing weight,I believed I knew all that there was/is to it until my bank account told me “slow down lady before you go homeless”.

When I decided in January I was going to lose weight, I was living at the time with family. So the beginning was easy. I could buy the things that I had read aided in weight loss and “eat right”. It was easy and true to some of those articles it worked. By Mid-February, I had lost 10 pounds. Stepping on the scale and looking down to see that I was 10 pounds lighter was very exhilarating.

Between February and April, I managed to lose another 10. What? I had lost 20 pounds? Impossible! Me of all people, had somehow managed to shed 20 pounds of the mass I was hurling around. Excited is an understatement to how I felt that I did that. I was happy but mostly proud of myself. I rewarded my hard work with a beautiful dress and decided I would use that as my new motivation. What I did not know was that my plans of moving and having my own place would throw a wrench in my weight-loss journey.

In May, I did what I thought was the adult thing to do, have my own place and move from my family. It is very fulfilling to have a place called my own. Living with family was great and I still sleep over there every so often, but there is a certain level of liberty that comes with having a place that is “all your own”.(sure you catch my drift, first time apartment owner).

Anyways, I had no idea about what the effects of me having my place would have on my weight-loss goal. I was completely oblivious to the bills I would have to shoulder at my new place. I am barely ever done paying one month’s bill before the next month’s starts accumulating. I find that I am constantly playing catch-up with my bills and so hardly have any money left over.

The little money I end up having over, wrestles between gas, saving for emergencies and food.And that is how I found out the hard way that, eating ‘green” is expensive and healthy isn’t cheap. I go grocery shopping and stay there for hours not because I don’t know what I want, but because I am trying to reconcile the ongoing war in me about what to buy; scouting for what is cheap yet healthy.

Let just say, my weight-loss journey has suffered some setbacks since I moved into my new place. Now if I had read any articles on how to lose weight on a broke/limited budget, I am sure I would have been down the 30 pounds I had hoped, because I would have known what to buy on my budget that would still allow me lose weight.

I am nanny, and while I am “well” paid (a little over minimum wage), I still find it hard to keep up. A few weeks ago, I had to give up buying “healthy” altogether because my wallet couldn’t handle it. I would love to keep loosing weight and buying whatever it is that will get me there, but more than anything I want to keep that roof over my head with all that I consider a necessity under it like electricity and gas and so on.

So while I find other avenues that my budget can handle to keep loosing, I will stay conscious about what I put in my mouth and working out ( both my school and work schedule make it so hard sometimes to get it in).

Do you have any suggestions for me? I would appreciate any tip from you all, anyone loosing on a tight budget. Meanwhile, hope your today is better than yesterday . Do share. How are you feeling today?

11 thoughts on “loosing weight when broke

  1. eunicesanmig

    This is an interesting read because I too feel that staying healthy and cutting the pounds is a daunting task to do on a budget. I’ll follow your journey and maybe we can share ideas on how this can be done. 🙂

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      Thanks for reading and the comment…I think I’d actually like that alot. So I can use it as accountability n we can bounce ideas off of each other. .how is going though, when did you start and how many have you dropped so far?..would love to know what you are doing. .thanks in advance

      1. eunicesanmig

        I have to be honest, I haven’t been disciplined enough. My goal isn’t really to lose the pounds but to get on with a healthy lifestyle – cut the carbs, the junkfood and preservatives, soda, etc.

  2. tantoverde

    Hi! I appreciate your decision to loose weight, not because I am so much against extra weight, but just I like when people have aim and reach it.
    I am very willing to help you, as I eat super healthy and I am vegetarian (which is a part of healthy eating) and I know how much things cost in London. What do you eat usually? (sorry for asking, but for me healthy means loads of vegetables and for some loads of french fries).

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      Hi tantoverde…thanks so much for reading and leaving me a suggestion. Well, as i mentioned in the post, when i just started loosing, the veggies and fruit were a huge part of my diet and i felt great when my diet consisted mostly of them. But i had to cut down on them because my funds were becoming very limited. i have never tried going without meat/poultry and i admire vegetarians and wish i was one myself but it seems like it is going to be too difficult trying that. even though i cut down on my veggies and fruits, i don’t indulge in non healthy food like that often, especially fries. it was one of the things i found easy cutting out. so now with my crunched budget, i mostly eat some veggies, not as much as i would want and fruit is out altogether and i still eat poultry but mostly thighs and drumsticks(which are cheaper) and remove all the skin and fat from them…i know my portions is another thing i need to work on and some days i succeed n some days i don’t. i’ll keep trying, thanks again for stoping by

      1. tantoverde

        My pleasure 🙂
        Drumsticks are fine, but you can always replace them with rice or beens, nevertheless they are not harmful. The thing here is: you should have a right balance between what you consume and what you burn. For example, if you don’t have to move a lot at your job, it means you burn not that much and need extra movements. So you should go into some sport, but as it is so time-consuming the best way (and the cheapest) is to walk for at least 40 minutes per day.
        Then I guess you know it is better to eat 5 times per day and in smaller portions (I never do so) but what is really really important is not to eat at least 4 hours before going to bed.
        When it comes to veggies, well, that IS a problem in London. I know though that in Lidl fruits and vegetables are considerably cheaper and quite good. There is also ASDA for beans. So if you can buy potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and aubergines that is the basis combined with beans and cereals for your diet. And try to move more and btw, you should get support from someone, otherwise there may be a stressful situation when you all of a sudden will go back to your older eating habbits

  3. deborahcrocker

    Also, I am having some difficulty with WordPress. I don’t understand, old dog trying to learn new tricks, but the correct title of my blog is : talkingtomyweightlosscounselor.wordpress.com

  4. deborahcrocker

    My suggestions/ advice/ my story. I will be 62 in December. I have lost 61 lbs since May 2013 by a lot of prayer, God’s help, by eating only three meals a day and cutting my food in half.
    I am also involved in Celebrate Recovery at our church. I used to be the cook, guess God has sense of humor. But it was through working these steps and the support of the group that helped me. So I suggest you find a group like that in your city. It is for those with habits, hang-ups, and hurts. I have all three, ha ha!
    Dont give up on yourself or get discouraged. Every day with God is a new beginning.

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      AWWWWW…thank you so much deborahcrocker….you look amazing…thanks so much for the tip/advice.i am a Christian, so talking to God about my weight loss like in your case makes alot of sense. I do talk to Him but probably not in the way i should or as often as i should because one of the things am still wrestling with this far along is portion control. I pray he gives me the grace to have that under control and my cravings too. I can be good for weeks at a time but when that will power finally breaks, it is always very hard on me because i crave any and every thing under the sun and i must have it and i end up having it only to regret seconds later. It is a never ending pattern, i am fed up with it but i am not sure how to handle it either. Thanks a lot for the encouragement, i will work on it and i pray He helps me like He is helping you…keep up..BTW, your blog is awesome and you are doing well, it was pretty easy for me to navigate there just by the click of your name. Thanks again for reading but mostly for the encouragement


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