Welcome back

I have missed my WordPress family. Life got in the way of my plans. I got busy with well….. nothing really. Everything i thought i would have accomplished by now was always met with an obstacle. There was always a wrench in my plans but at least am thankful most of them are in the works.

I like to think this year is the last one where i would just stop to exist and start living, and living means going after all i want. So am i back on my block and hope this time around i stay with it.

I have missed my online writing world. I have so much i am looking forward to sharing. I hope in one way or the order it helps, if not for nothing else, then just to merely entertain you. I will bring you updates to my weight-loss journey so far and new projects i want to take on for the blog.

For now, whilst we catch up, i don’t want to overwhelm you. So i will end here. Have a blessed night lovelies and hope you are feeling as upbeat as i am tonight.

Would sure love to know, how are feeling today?

3 thoughts on “Welcome back

  1. trablog

    all the very best for ‘start living’. Hope you will inspire people through your blog. Well I am doing good today. Thank you for asking. Hope you are also doing great 🙂

    1. victoirepatience Post author

      Thanks for the feedback and the wishing well on “living”, i hope i do now. I try my best to leave an exemplary live and hope it translates to my blog, the things i talk about and write about, i sure hope i inspire people or at least even one person. thanks for stopping by


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