If the sky is the limit, why am I still on the ground?

I am sure each one of us has heard this phrase before “the sky is your limit”. Recently, it has been replaced with a modified version which is “the sky is your starting point”. Usually, you would hear this when someone is trying to encourage you to continue on that path or motivate to start on a path.

We all have our unique experiences and difficulties in life. These experiences and difficulties shape our lives and in some cases either sets us on a path, prevents us from a path or encourages us on an already existing path.

Like every body else, I have had my fair share of challenges in life. I had so many hopes and plans for my life. I had an outline of what I wanted my life to look like, where I wanted to be at a particular time and what I hoped to have achieved by a certain point. But sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we plan them to.

As soon as I came out of the clouds of my challenges, those who knew I was facing them encouraged me with the words of that famous phrase “the sky is your limit”. I was very certain too that having overcome those challenges, I would be well on my way to meeting my goals.

But somehow I found myself in this space where it seems sometimes like I am in a box. I can’t go forward nor backward, neither can I go left or right. It seems every move I make is hindered by something else that in hind sight, could have been completed avoided and it gets very frustrating.

So I am sitting and wondering how can everyone else be telling me “the sky is my limit” when I haven’t even taken off from the ground yet or how can they be saying ” the sky is my starting point” when I have not moved from the ground.

It feels sometimes as if there some negative force working against all my efforts. when I reflect, I see that I did all the right things and asked all the right questions, only to be inches from my goal and it all crumbles because of one tiny detail I didn’t even realize would be a factor down the line.

Life can weigh you down sometimes but in the midst of all that, I have decided to keep my head up I will not give up and I will keep doing my utmost best. I am hoping that eventually though and soon enough, I am close to at least one of those goals and that the sky would indeed be my starting point.

Until then, I will keep working to take off from this ground that seems to be holding me back at times.

Do you feel that way too sometimes? Please share. It is always good to have a support system of people encouraging one another, knowing that we are all on a similar journey.

Have a blessed day.

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