Day 2 and 3

Yesterday was crazy just like my Thursdays always are. Although I woke up in time for my workout, I woke up feeling sick and therefore couldn’t.I barely had time to plan my meals for the day.

For the morning, I had a green smoothie. I will put up the recipe later.

I had lunch at Jason’s deli, Half turkey breast sandwich with chili soup.

Had  a spicy chicken and yellow rice for dinner.

Not bad right?. well, guess what?. My snacks where terrible. I had two loaves of hallah bread , a tangerine,two fruit bars.

I drank a lot of water which was good.

And that was that for Thursday.

For today:

I have had scrambled eggs with baked potato halves.

Had a cup of coffee and I plan on skipping lunch because I had a late and big breakfast.

I didn’t hear my alarm this morning because the medications I took to help with my flu are sleep-enhancing drugs. I heard it 15 minutes past the time that I set it for but I couldn’t get myself out of sleep because I was so very sleepy.

I am hoping to have a salad for dinner and be conscious about my snack choices today.

How are you feeling and if you trying to lose weight too, what are doing differently today.?

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