Might be a crappy-like day

On Saturday last week I helped a friend clean out her house, call it winter cleaning and I started sneezing continuously during and after the clean up. I assumed it must have been the dust I came in contact with which caused an allergy,sending me in uncontrollable sneeze mode.

Hours later that night, my sneezing became coupled with a runny nose and I made nothing of it, still assuming it must have been allergy from the dust. The days that followed were accompanied with mild sneezing, a very runny nose and an uncomfortable feeling in my throat and sometimes chest.

But I paid it all no attention still attributing it to the cleaning. I was so wrong. Enter last night when I struggled to get myself to sleep because I had a stuffy nose and raspy throat. I still at that point didn’t think to take any medications to help me. I suffered a high temperature in the middle of the night and needless to tell you my night wasn’t good.

I somehow managed to sleep a little and woke up sick and tired this morning and on top of all that, I have to work. So yep, I am starting my day feeling crappy and I just realized thinking about it that, this is the fourth time I have had this in a less than three-month period.

I had never been a fan of the flu shot because like they say ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ but my boss was able to somehow convince me to get it and I did. I regret that decision ever since and what I mean is that I blame these bouts of sickness on it. The year I get a flu shot is the year my body can’t seem to fight the least germs or intruders in my system leaving me vulnerable since.

Some may say I didn’t understand the shot considering it is a weaker version of the flu that injected in my body to help my system build mechanism. So true but so far, it has done the exact opposite since. The first time was understandable as they said it was to be expected shortly after, so was the second. But the third and fourth time makes no sense. I am not talking about having a stomach virus, or headache or just cough and cold. I am talking the whole package and then more with high fevers.

I am taking my medications this morning from the last time, and I hope i feel better by mid-day. I wish I could stay in bed but I have bills to pay and thankfully my boss doesn’t mind because if I am not there, she can’t do her own job effectively.

I hope you are not feeling crappy like me this morning and if you are, feel better soon too and stay warm. Hugs.

How are you feeling today?


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