Feeling Down, Birthday getting closer

Today is one of those days. It is one of those days that i didn’t feel like getting out of bed but had to get out of it anyways because of school and work.

I shared my status on Facebook which simply said that i was feeling down. One of the comments i got said ‘cheer up,smile and remember that God has your back’.

It was a beautiful comment, especially if put wholeheartedly into practice. But such things on days like today are easier said than done.

You might be asking  why i am rambling around or if i can just come out plain and say the reason why i feel down.

Well, my birthday is on Tuesday and yours truly is a little over a quarter of a century old.

I had so many dreams and ambitions i had hoped to have met before this particular birthday, but no. I have not met even one quarter of those dreams yet.

So many i had hoped to see by this age and so many things i had hoped to have at least started, but none of it has quite panned out as i had hoped.

So i woke up this morning and my birthday that is still four full days away hit me right in the face and all of my life came flashing before me.I couldn’t help feeling like a failure and a loser.

I couldn’t stop thinking that i have failed my parents as a daughter, my sisters and brother as a role model and myself as an achiever.

So when my friend wrote those words on my wall, it was not as if i didn’t already know that God has my back.

It is the fact that i am human and my feelings got a better part of me. Because while i have genuine reasons for not having met most of my own goals, i still can’t help asking why sometimes.

But after trying what she said, i do feel much better. Because knowing who i am, had i all the opportunities that i needed before me to meet those goals, i know i would have.

I am not in a competition with anybody but myself because i am running my own race. Everybody’s story is different and i try to not compare myself to anyone, even though it can get hard sometimes.

So though i am ready for today to be over already, i do know one thing for sure, God has my back and i will try to remember that for the rest of the day.

On that note, today i feel down with hopes of having my spirits lifted as the day goes by.

How do you feel today? Please share?

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